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Chinese Attack Group Exploiting SolarWinds Zero Day

A newly identified attack group from China has been discovered exploiting a zero day in the SolarWinds Serv-U FTP products.


Ingredient List Only Part of the Recipe to Fix Supply Chain Security

The requirement for vendors to provide a software bill of materials for the apps they sell to federal agencies will only address part of the supply chain risk, experts say.

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Attackers Focused on SolarWinds Network as Early as January 2019

The APT29 attackers who targeted SolarWinds were doing reconnaissance on the company's network as early as January 2019.


SolarWinds: A Harbinger For a National Data Breach Reporting Law

The disclosure of the SolarWinds attack by FireEye is encouraging for the development of a national data breach reporting law, government and private-sector experts say.

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Researchers Find New Chunk of SolarWinds Attackers’ Infrastructure

Researchers from RiskIQ have identified 18 additional C2 servers used by the APT29 attackers in their operation against SolarWinds and its customers.