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Emotet Shifts Gears, Drops Cobalt Strike Directly

New versions of Emotet have been dropping Cobalt Strike beacons directly, rather than relying on intermediate payloads such as Trickbot.

Emotet, Trickbot

Trickbot Expands Malware Distribution Channels

Researchers observed known threat groups infecting victims with TrickBot for the first time in June, suggesting that the malware operators are expanding their distribution channels.

Trickbot, Malware, Banking Malware

EtterSilent Builder Gains Momentum in Malware Campaigns

The EtterSilent builder has been used in campaigns alongside Ryuk ransomware, the Gozi banking trojan, and BazarLoader.

Trickbot, Malware

New TrickBot Module Targets UEFI Firmware

The TrickBot trojan now includes a capability to scan for vulnerable UEFI firmware implementations and could soon exploit them.


Trickbot Back on the Block

The Trickbot malware operation is back, with a fresh spam campaign delivering malicious Word documents.

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