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Emotet Malware Returns in High-Volume Email Campaign

Hundreds of thousands of email distributing Emotet reveal significant changes to the malware's tactics and payloads.


Emotet Office Macros Abuse Continues Despite Microsoft Protections

Researchers found hundreds of malicious Office documents being used to download Emotet in June.


Emotet ‘Test’ Campaign Leverages OneDrive, XLL Files

A recent Emotet campaign with significant TTP changes reveal that attackers may be moving away from macros-based attacks given Microsoft’s recent plans to block VBA macros by default.

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Emotet Spam Attacks Use Hexadecimal, Octal IP Addresses

The known tactic, which helps attackers sidestep detection, has been observed in spam messages that deploy Emotet.

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Decipher Podcast: Sherrod DeGrippo

Proofpoint's Sherrod DeGrippo discusses the top malware trends of the past year, including Emotet's takedown and eventual return.

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