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Stolen Citrix Credentials Led to Change Ransomware Attack

UnitedHealth Group's CEO revealed that attackers behind the hack gained initial access by leveraging compromised credentials for a Citrix application that didn’t have multi-factor authentication enabled.


Attackers Use SEO Poisoning to Spread Malware, Steal Credentials

SEO-friendly websites promising Zoom or TeamViewer application installations are actually attacker-owned and deploy malware.

Malware, Credentials

Water Pamola Attackers Target Online Shops With Malicious Orders

A threat campaign is relying on cross-site scripting attacks to deliver malware to and steal credentials from online shops.

Malware, Credentials, Ecommerce Security

Medical Data Leaks Linked to Hardcoded Credentials in Code

Data of more than 150,000 to 200,000 patient were exposed in at least nine GitHub repositories—the result of improper access controls and hardcoded credentials in source code, according to a

Data Breaches, Credentials, Access Controls