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Change Healthcare Says Attackers Accessed PHI and PII

The ransomware attack on Change Healthcare included the theft of PHI and PII, the company said.


Hospital IT Help Desks Hit With Social Engineering Attacks

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is warning of "sophisticated" social engineering attacks on hospital IT help desks that aim to gain access to employees' email accounts.


Q&A: Karen Habercoss

Karen Habercoss, chief privacy officer with UChicago Medicine, talks to Decipher about the unique data privacy and security challenges that the healthcare sector faces, and how organizations in this industry are approaching areas like AI and identity management.

AI, Identity Management, Healthcare

Ardent Health Services Impacted By Ransomware Attack

On the heels of a ransomware attack, Ardent said facilities are rescheduling elective procedures and diverting some emergency room patients to other local hospitals until systems are back online.


FBI, CISA Warn Healthcare Sector of Daixin Ransomware Attacks

The Daixin group has been targeting healthcare organizations with double extortion ransomware attacks, U.S. government agencies warned.

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