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Decipher Podcast: Jules Okafor

Jules Okafor, CEO of RevolutionCyber, joins Dennis Fisher to talk about her unconventional career arc, the importance of empathy in leadership and communications, and why conventional security awareness programs don't work.


Decipher Podcast: Mark Werremeyer and Bryce Kerley on Hack-a-Sat

Mark Werremeyer and Bryce Kerley join Dennis Fisher to talk about the Hack-a-Sat CTF competition at DEF CON and the need for collaboration between aerospace engineers and cybersecurity professionals.

Podcast, Defcon

Decipher Podcast: Derek Manky

Lindsey O'Donnell-Welch talks to Derek Manky of Fortinet about the breakdown of barriers between private firms and public sector agencies, law enforcement and the security industry.


Deciphering Real Genius

Dennis Fisher, Zoe Lindsey, and Pete Baker ride a cart through the steam tunnels to meet at the Pacific Tech lab, crank up the laser, and ponder the immortal words of Socrates, who said, "I drank what?" Get your giant tinfoil ball of popcorn ready for Real Genius!

Podcast, Hacker Movies

Decipher Podcast: Troy Hunt

Lindsey O'Donnell-Welch talks with Troy Hunt, founder of Have I Been Pwned, about the biggest challenges facing the security industry when it comes to credential stuffing and data breaches.

Podcast, Data Breaches