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Decipher Podcast: Ryan Noon and Abhishek Agrawal

Ryan Noon and Abhishek Agrawal, founders of Material Security, join Dennis Fisher to talk about fixing the email security problem and approaching security challenges with diverse mindsets.


Deciphering Johnny Mnemonic

Zoe Lindsey, Pete Baker, and Dennis Fisher break down the delightfully goofy and moderately incoherent 1995 film Johnny Mnemonic.

Podcast, Hacker Movies

Decipher Podcast: Jeremy Kennelly

Jeremy Kennelly of Mandiant joins Dennis Fisher to discuss the spike in ransomware infections in health care organizations and how ransomware operators are evolving their tactics.

Podcast, Ransomware

Decipher Podcast: Kurtis Minder

Kurtis Minder, CEO of GroupSense, joins Dennis Fisher to discuss the delicate process of ransomware negotiations and how enterprises are dealing with infections today.


Decipher Podcast: Larry Cashdollar

Larry Cashdollar, a senior security researcher at Akamai, joins Dennis Fisher to talk about 20 years of vulnerability research and the many different ways that things can go sideways.