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The Cat and Mouse Game of Crypto Money Laundering

Ransomware actors are getting better at laundering their proceeds from attacks - but law enforcement authorities are also getting better at tracking illicit cryptocurrency funds down.

Cryptocurrency, Ransomware

Prolific Ransomware Affiliate Groups Deploy BlackCat

The BlackCat RaaS continues to pose a bigger threat as two well-known ransomware affiliates have added the payload into their arsenal.


Ransomware Actors Leaning on DNS Tunneling

Ransomware groups are using DNS tunneling more and more as a way to exfiltrate data and send commands to infected machines.

DNS, Ransomware

Evil Corp Affiliates Deploy LockBit Ransomware to Sidestep Sanctions

A threat cluster with significant overlap to the Evil Corp cybercriminal gang has started deploying the LockBit ransomware in an effort to evade U.S. sanctions.

Ransomware, Lockbit

CISA Warns of Karakurt Extortion Group

The Karakurt data extortion group is stealing sensitive information from enterprises and holding it for ransom, CISA warns.

Ransomware, Cisa