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U.S. Offers $15M in Rewards for Conti Ransomware Group Information

The U.S. government is offering monetary rewards for information about Conti's leaders, affiliates and operators.


Behind the Rapidly Shifting Ransomware Ecosystem

Many of the top ransomware groups in 2021 have disappeared, while several new groups have emerged with high levels of activity.


Novel BlackCat Ransomware Tactic Speeds Up Encryption Process

A March 17 BlackCat ransomware incident revealed how the attackers are working to speed up the process of encryption using a new communication protocol.


FBI Seeks Further Info on BlackCat Amid Ransomware Attacks

Since its emergence in November, the BlackCat ransomware group has racked up at least 60 victims worldwide.


Regional U.S. Government Agency Hit With LockBit Ransomware

Researchers observed a "very messy attack" on a regional U.S. government agency where attackers lurked in the network for at least five months before ransomware was deployed.

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