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Dridex Malware Spreads Entropy Ransomware In Recent Cyberattacks

Researchers point to a possible common origin between the Dridex malware and Entropy ransomware due to code similarities.

Malware, Ransomware

New FBI Unit Will Focus on Cryptocurrency Exploitation

The FBI is forming a new Virtual Asset Exploitation unit to trace cryptocurrency crimes and ransomware profits.

Government, Ransomware

FBI: BlackByte Ransomware Targeted Critical Infrastructure

The ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) group has compromised organizations across the government, financial and food and agriculture sectors since November.

Ransomware, Critical Infrastructure

Decipher Podcast: Allan Liska

Allan Liska, with Recorded Future, talks about the challenges that organizations face in implementing security measures against ransomware, and how ransomware actors are evolving their tactics.

Podcast, Ransomware

CISA Warns of Intensifying Ransomware Threat

CISA, the FBI, and international partners warned that ransomware groups are increasingly diversifying and targeting a wider range of organizations.