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Russian Government, Cybercriminal Cooperation a ‘Force Multiplier’

The Russian government's tolerance and sometime cooperation with the cybercriime groups in the country makes the threat from both factions even more serious, US officials say.

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U.S. Indicts Four Russians Allegedly Behind Triton and Dragonfly Attacks

The U.S. has indicted four Russians it alleges are affiliated with the FSB and GRU units responsible for the Triton and Dragonfly attacks against critical infrastructure in the United States and abroad.


Sandworm Group Deploying New Cyclops Blink Malware

The Russian Sandworm threat actor has been deploying a new piece of malware called Cyclops Blink, warns CISA and NSA.

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Microsoft Details Malware Attacks on Ukrainian Organizations

Microsoft said the Actinium threat group (also known as Gamaredon) has been observed targeting government, military and law enforcement organizations in Ukraine with spear-phishing emails.

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Concerns Grow Over Potential New Russian Cyberattacks

The Russian incursion into Ukraine is prompting warnings from the DHS and security researchers about the potential for Russian cyberattacks on U.S. companies.

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