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Microsoft Identifies Distinct Russian GRU Threat Actor

The threat actor behind the WhisperGate malware has been identified as a distinct Russian GRU group.

Russia, Gru

APT28 Exploiting Old Flaw to Install Jaguar Tooth Malware

The Russian APT28 group is exploiting a six-year-old vulnerability in some Cisco IOS and IOS XE router software to install malware known as Jaguar Tooth.

Malware, Russia

Winter Vivern Goes After Diplomats and Government Agencies

The Winter Vivern APT group is now targeting government agencies and diplomats from the United States and European countries.

Malware, Russia

Winter Vivern APT Targeting Ukrainian, European Organizations

A low-profile attack group known as Winter Vivern has recently been targeting government and private organizations in Ukraine, Poland, Italy, and elsewhere.

APT, Russia

U.S., U.K. Governments Sanction Alleged Members of Trickbot Malware Group

The U.S. and U.K. governments have sanctioned seven Russian men whom they allege are members of the Trickbot cybercrime group.

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