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Dennis Fisher

Editor in Chief

Dennis Fisher is an award-winning journalist who has been covering information security and privacy since 2000.

He is one of the co-founders of Threatpost and previously wrote for TechTarget and eWeek, when magazines were still a thing that existed. Dennis enjoys finding the stories behind the headlines and digging into the motivations and thinking of both defenders and attackers. His work has appeared in The Boston Globe, The Improper Bostonian, Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge, and most of his kids’ English papers.

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Decipher Podcast: Dan Lorenc Returns

Dan Lorenc, co-founder and CEO of Chainguard, joins Dennis Fisher to dig into the recent XZ Utils backdoor incident, the implications for the open source ecosystem, and what can be done to avoid similar incidents in the future. Then they discuss the problems facing NIST's National Vulnerability Database and the CVE ecosystem.


Decipher Podcast: Rick Gordon

Rick Gordon of Tidal Cyber joins Dennis Fisher to discuss his path from the US Naval Academy to submarine officer to Wall Street and finally to the cybersecurity industry, where he's worked for the last 25 years. Dennis and Rick also talk about the importance of the community aspect of cybersecurity and why it's vital to the collective defense.


U.S. Sanctions, Indicts Alleged Members of Chinese APT31

The U.S. has announced sanctions against a Chinese state-backed company and two individuals, as well as indictments against seven people alleged to part of China's APT31 threat group.


TinyTurla-NG Backdoor Has Big Capabilities

New research shows the TinyTurla-NG backdoor uses the Chisel open-source attack framework for some communications and has a variety of post-compromise capabilities.


New AcidPour Wiper Malware Found in Ukraine

SentinelLabs researchers have discovered a new wiper malware called AcidPour in Ukraine, which appears to be a new version of the AcidRain malware.

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