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Dennis Fisher

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Dennis Fisher is an award-winning journalist who has been covering information security and privacy since 2000.

He is one of the co-founders of Threatpost and previously wrote for TechTarget and eWeek, when magazines were still a thing that existed. Dennis enjoys finding the stories behind the headlines and digging into the motivations and thinking of both defenders and attackers. His work has appeared in The Boston Globe, The Improper Bostonian, Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge, and most of his kids’ English papers.

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Latest EU Proposal ‘Fundamentally Undermines Encryption’

A recent proposal in discussion in the European Union Council would mandate "upload moderation" of encrypted content, something that would break encryption for everyone, Singal's president said.

Encryption, Privacy

Heat, Kelso and the Hacker Mindset

In the 1995 classic Heat, the character Kelso is an old-school hacker with a background as a DARPA scientist who uses his knowledge to sell scores to criminals. Meg Gardiner, Casey Ellis, and Dennis Fisher discuss his connection to the hacker ethos.

Hacker Movies

Deciphering Heat

Michael Mann's 1995 thriller Heat is considered by many people to be the best crime movie ever made. And hidden inside the intricate plot is a story of a lone hacker with a background at DARPA who uses his skills to set up scores for the crews in LA's underworld. Meg Gardiner, the co-author of Heat 2, and Casey Ellis, cofounder of Bugcrowd, join Dennis Fisher to dig into the technological and psychological details of this modern masterpiece. This is Deciphering Heat.

Podcast, Hacker Movies

Decipher Podcast: Amy Bogac

Amy Bogac, a longtime security executive with a depp background in systems administration and networking, joins Dennis Fisher to talk about how she came to security, how her background in communications informed her career choices, and the difficult conversations that need to occur before someone has to push the button during an incident.


Thousands of FortiGate Devices Compromised in Ongoing Campaign

The Dutch Military Intelligence and Security Service said it has identified more than 20,000 FortiGate devices that have been compromised by a Chinese state-sponsored threat group.

Fortinet, China