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Microsoft Releases Emergency Patch for PrintNightmare Bug

Microsoft has released an emergency patch for the PrintNightmare CVE-2021-34527 vulnerability in Windows.

Microsoft, Windows

Exploit Code Released for Critical Windows Print Spooler Flaw

Exploit code for the CVE-2021-1675 Windows print spooler vulnerability is circulating and can bypass the patch for the bug.


Move Fast and Fix Things

Even when NSA discloses zero days to vendors, some of them don't respond quickly and issue fixes.

Microsoft, Government

Nobelium Attackers Compromised Microsoft Customer Support Agent

Microsoft said the Nobelium threat group recently compromised one of its customer support agents and then used stolen account information to target some customers.

Microsoft, Russia

Microsoft Disrupts Broad Cloud-Based BEC Campaign

Microsoft researchers have disrupted a phishing and business email compromise campaign that used several separate cloud platforms to disguise its operations.

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