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Decipher Podcast: 2021 Year in Review

Lindsey O'Donnell-Welch and Dennis Fisher look back on a wild year in cybersecurity and discuss the ongoing ransomware problem, the increase in zero days used in the wild, our favorite stories and podcasts of the year, and more.


Decipher Podcast: Sherrod DeGrippo

Proofpoint's Sherrod DeGrippo discusses the top malware trends of the past year, including Emotet's takedown and eventual return.

Podcast, Emotet, Malware

Deciphering Die Hard 2

Zoe Lindsey, Pete Baker, and Dennis Fisher sit down to talk about Die Hard 2, the forgotten member of the Die Hard series, which is not a Christmas movie. It is, however, a movie with a lot of great hacking and social engineering scenes, and Bruce Willis spewing one-liners like a 1950s standup comic.

Hacker Movies, Podcast

Decipher Podcast: Source Code 12/17

This week's Source Code podcast by Decipher takes a look behind the scenes at top news with input from our sources.

Source Code, Podcast

Decipher Podcast: John Hammond

John Hammond of Huntress joins Dennis Fisher to discuss the critical Log4j vulnerability, the community response, and the potential long-term effects of the bug.