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White House Adds Three Key Cybersecurity Officials

National Cyber Director Chris Inglis has added three officials to his team, including Kemba Eneas Walden, Rob Knake, and Neal Higgins.

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New Law Aims to Revamp Federal Cybercrime Tracking

The Better Cybercrime Metrics Act aims to help streamline the consistent reporting of cybercrime incidents.

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Government Needs to be ‘Postured for the Future’ of Cyber Threats

The U.S. government and military is looking to attract and retain more talented cyber operators to keep pace with the evolving threat landscape.


NSA Director: ‘We Need Speed, Agility, and Unity of Effort’

Joint partnerships between the government and private sector are helping to harden U.S. networks and address ongoing threats.


New FBI Unit Will Focus on Cryptocurrency Exploitation

The FBI is forming a new Virtual Asset Exploitation unit to trace cryptocurrency crimes and ransomware profits.

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