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Congress About to Pass Security-Heavy Defense Bill

The House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed the National Defense Authorization Act and the Senate is expected to vote on the defense appropriations bill this week.


FBI Guidance Evolves on Ransomware Payments

The FBI has always advised victims not to pay ransomware groups, but its thinking has evolved as attacks have proliferated and worsened.

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Congress Passes IoT Security Law

Congress has unanimously passed the bipartisan IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act, which would set minimum security requirements for developing, patching, and configuring Internet of Things.

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Security Leaders Uneasy CISA Chief May be Fired

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s role goes beyond national security and securing elections. Any shakeup at CISA’s leadership level would affect the work the agency has been doing with privacy sector organizations.


The Senators Who Will Set the Security and Privacy Agenda in Congress

Whether it's election security, nation-state attacks, or massive data breaches, there is growing pressure on Congress to do something. One way to suss out how the security and privacy agenda will unfold in the 117th Congress is to look at what these Senators have said and done previously.