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FDA Names New Head of Medical Devices Security

The Food & Drug Administration has appointed University of Michigan computer science researcher Kevin Fu to serve as the agency's Acting Director of Medical Device Cybersecurity.

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Virginia Passes Consumer Data Protection Law

Virginia joins California in enacting a comprehensive data privacy law with the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act, becoming the second state to have legislation giving consumers the right to access data organizations have collected about them.

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Political Campaigns Face Tough Security Challenges

The short lifespans and limited budgets of political campaigns adds to the security challenges they face as advanced adversaries target them.

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Enduring Lessons From Securing the Election

Securing the 2020 election was a years-long process, and former CISA Director Chris Krebs found a number of key lessons for security teams during the effort.


Trump Executive Order Focuses on Rules for Cloud Providers

One of the last executive orders for the outgoing Trump Administration authorized the Commerce Department to create "know your customer" rules for infrastructure-as-a-service providers.

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