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U.S. Senators Press Ad Exchanges on Data Privacy

Senators pressure eight digital advertising exchanges - including Twitter, Google and AT&T - to disclose who is collecting what specific user data during the real-time bidding process.

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Requiring a VDP for Suppliers Won’t Fix Supply Chain Security

Extending the requirement for vulnerability disclosure policies from federal agencies to their suppliers is not a quick fix for supply chain security issues.

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SolarWinds Hack Leads to Calls for Confidential Data Sharing

Confidential threat intelligence sharing could help prevent the next large-scale intrusions, tech executives say.

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Visibility, Cooperation Needed to Counter ICS Threats

Better visibility into ICS environments and increased cooperation between the private sector and government are key to defeating emerging threat actors.

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White House Promises Cybersecurity Action, SolarWinds Response

The White House promised to make cybersecurity a top priority and in its first month has begun responding to the massive SolarWinds hack and appointed several people with national security experience who have also previously worked on cybersecurity issues to the Biden Administration.