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EU Parliament Committee Rejects Mass Scanning of Encrypted Messages

A key European Union Parliament committee has rejected proposed language that would allow for mass scanning of encrypted messages.

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‘Marriages of Convenience’ Between State Actors and Cybercriminals Provide Cover for Both

U.S. authorities warn that cooperative efforts between state-sponsored actors and cybercrime groups make life more difficult for defenders and law enforcement.

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New Cyber Espionage Campaign Targets Tech, Government Entities

The newly discovered threat group compromises companies and then moves laterally on the network, exfiltrating data, logging keystrokes and more along the way.


Federal VDP Program Shows Early Success

The federal government's vulnerability disclosure policy platform has taken in more than 1,300 unique valid bug reports in its first 18 months.

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Lapsus$ Analysis Finds Need for Better IAM, MFA Deployments

A detailed analysis of the activities of the Lapsus$ hacking group by the Cyber Safety Review Board shows that a focus on the basics and better usage of IAM and MFA technologies are highly effective defenses.

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