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Attackers Are Hiding By Tampering With Encrypted Web Traffic

Attackers are increasing their use of "cipher stunting," a technique that randomizes their SSL/TLS signatures, to obscure the malicious web traffic and make it harder to detect.

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Facebook Open Sources Fizz For TLS 1.3 Deployments

TLS 1.3 has been approved, and Facebook has open sourced Fizz, a TLS 1.3 library, to help developers and server operators deploy TLS 1.3 for their mobile apps, services, and appliances such as load balancers

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New CA Focus on EV Certs Won’t Stop Phishing

The CA Security Council's London Protocol attempts to address the problem of phishing sites with legitimate SSL/TLS certificates, but the initiative perpetuates the myth that the pricier EV certificates are more secure than DV certificates.

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