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Attackers hate us. Users love us.

Easy to use. Incredibly effective. Cisco Duo simplifies access management for your workplace.

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A happy customer using Cisco Duo's access management security solutions.

One of the world’s most trusted access management tools

From start-ups to large enterprises, companies of all sizes depend on Cisco Duo to prevent unauthorized access.

The statistic of 1 billion plus representing how many authentications Duo does on an monthly basis.

Monthly User Authentications

The number of 100,000 which is the number of customers Duo currently has globally.

Customers Globally

The of 159 percent which is the return on investment Cisco Duo stated in Forrester's TEI report.

Return on Investment*

*The Total Economic Impact™ of Cisco Duo, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, February 2023. Results are based on a composite organization.

Because the last thing your business needs is an identity crisis

Our cloud-based identity security solutions help companies play it safe.

The gold standard in MFA

Stay protected with flexible Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) including options using FIDO2 for phishing-resistant authentication — hook, line, and no sinker.

Learn how MFA works

Preview of Cisco's MFA and 2FA authentication tools.

On-screen example of a Duo security authentication check using adaptive access.

Get picky with permissions

Customize who gets access to what and when it's allowed. With adaptive access, you can quickly define granular permissions based on role, location, and device.

Explore adaptive access

No device left behind

Keep your circle tight. Verify the trustworthiness of every device that tries to access your applications while simultaneously tracking their health status.

See how it works

Preview of the Duo authentication tool & device health dashboard.

UX example of a Duo Single Sign-on (SSO) interface.

One login to rule them all

Minimize your attack surface with Single Sign-On (SSO) while reducing IT costs and providing one easy, consistent login experience for all applications.

Try Single Sign-On

Anyone, anywhere, any device

Remote access that doesn’t feel remote at all. With Cisco Duo, your team can work securely from anywhere using principles of zero trust — all without the need for a VPN.

Get remote access

Closer look at the Duo app with mobile access for remote teams.

Built to fit your business

Get 30 days free. Choose a plan, pay easily with a credit card, and get activated in minutes.

Here's what Duo's devotees are saying

Headshot of Ivan Leichtling, former Security Manager, Yelp

Ivan Leichtling
former Security Manager, Yelp

“We were incredibly blown away at how our deployment went...this was the easiest deployment we’ve ever done. I’m really impressed.”

Headshot of Mike Johnson, former CISO, Lyft

Mike Johnson
former CISO, Lyft

"One of those rare solutions that both improves the security of our company while simultaneously being easier for our employees to use.”

Headshot photo of Christopher Martin, Manager of Identity and Access Security, AmeriGas

Christopher Martin
Manager of Identity and Access Security, AmeriGas

"When we roll a technology out to users, we want to enable as much self-service as possible – not generate more help desk calls. This actually enables users – for example, they get a new phone and can easily get it enrolled."

Let's Duo this!