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About Cisco Security

Cisco Security is Cisco’s comprehensive security product portfolio. With a robust lineup of adaptable zero trust, XDR and SASE tools, Cisco Security makes organizational security both integrated and accessible for organizations of any size, industry, client base and infrastructure. Cisco Security products offer unmatched efficacy in data protection, providing security that’s not only agile and adaptable, but also incredibly easy to use.

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Secure Your Resilience

Cisco Security enables companies to achieve security resilience and protect their business amidst unpredictable threats or change. With Cisco, companies can help ensure the integrity of their financial and data assets, spring back from operational disruptions, better withstand shocks to supply chains and secure a distributed workforce. Cisco Security’s emphasis on resilience helps businesses close security gaps, see more, anticipate what’s next and take the right action, strengthening companies' institution-wide investments in other types of resilience.

Cisco Security focuses on five dimensions of security resilience

Close the gaps and connect technology across the ecosystem with an open platform across campus, data center, cloud and cloud edge.

See more, and gain the ability to prioritize billions of signals with up/down telemetry, an expanded reach and active monitoring.

Anticipate what's next and be one step ahead of threats through shared actionable intelligence and expertise.

Take the right action and prioritize what's most important with continuous trust assessment and risk-based context analysis.

Get stronger every day by orchestrating and automating your response so you can spring back faster.


Looking for the best security resilience tools?

Cisco Security offers a comprehensive product portfolio to help you prepare for a changing security landscape.

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Why Choose Cisco Security

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Security Resilience For An Ever-Changing World

Cisco Security eliminates security gaps with its open, connected platform that delivers pervasive awareness across the entire ecosystem. The platform helps you see more and detect threats faster, and combined with contextual prioritization helps you understand the true risk so you can optimize your resources and respond appropriately. 

Because you can embed security resilience across your organization with Cisco Security, you protect the integrity of all your resilience initiatives and improve every day.

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Expertise You Can Trust

More than 300,000 customers worldwide trust Cisco’s expertise. Cisco's global footprint, with over 78,000 employees across 95 countries, provides a deep understanding of security resilience across borders. Our global Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) advisors with industry expertise consult and share best practices so you never have to go it alone. 

Cisco has a 40-year heritage of transformation and successfully guiding customers through tech and business inflection points. Its investments of more than $10 billion in advanced security technologies are helping companies achieve security resilience.

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Leave No IT Behind

The Cisco Security platform is built to accommodate multi-environment IT. API-driven interoperability means you can see more across the data center, network, cloud and cloud edge. 

You can also tap into more than 400 third-party integrations to amplify the power of existing security investments. An open, operational security architecture unifies your tools of choice with built-in, pre-packaged integrations and open standards so you’re never locked in.

Duo Provides Cisco Security with Essential Access Security Solutions

Since our founding in 2010, Duo has stood out in the cybersecurity industry by offering our users people-focused endpoint verification solutions that make effective security easy. With user-friendly tools for authentication (including multi-factor authentication and passwordless single sign-on), device trust and adaptive, context-based access, we quickly became a sought-after security software provider-– and an obvious choice for joining Cisco Security's powerful digital security portfolio. Duo Security has been a part of Cisco Security since 2018, and our secure access product portfolio has continued to expand both in breadth and in its ability to solve emerging security challenges, like those faced in remote and hybrid workplace migrations. 

Today, Duo provides Cisco Security with streamlined endpoint verification tools, secure remote access platforms, cutting-edge visibility tools for administrators and so much more. Our dynamic and effective zero trust solutions offer users security resilience by providing both product reliability and flexibility. Because of Duo’s ability to integrate with any device, identity provider, application or infrastructure, Cisco Security clients can confidently deploy these sophisticated products to add zero trust security into any setting. By protecting any user, on any device, anywhere, Duo’s access security solutions are integral to Cisco Security’s leading broad scale protection. 

An off-site user easily connects with on-premises data, colleagues and a world of information with Duo Security.

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