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Industry Events

Duo Hosts Higher Education Security Panel at the Internet2 Tech Exchange

Duo Security is sponsoring the Internet2’s Technology Exchange, an annual tech/education event hosted in Cleveland, Ohio from Oct. 4-7 this year.

Duo will also be exhibiting two-factor authentication and endpoint security solutions for higher education. Several top universities protect their students, staff and faculty logins with Duo, including Duke University, Berkeley, Virginia Tech, Boston University, University of Michigan, and many more. Read more about Duo’s Success Stories.

The tech exchange brings together tech professionals, scientists, engineers, architects, students and more to discuss cloud services, security, trust and federated identity, storage and networking and more to redefine the tech landscape.

Access Security for Higher Education

Duo Security will be hosting a community user group at the tech exchange, Duo Security Special Interest Group (SIG) to raise awareness of two-factor authentication (also known as multi-factor authentication) and how to reduce security friction for faculty, staff and student end users that need to log in daily.

Duo invites attendees to share experiences related to authentication, and higher-ed-specific use cases.

We’ll also discuss:

  • Emerging multifactor authentication strategies
  • Policy and compliance concerns
  • Expanding a current implementation

More details about the community user group:
Date: Monday, Oct. 5 at 12:10 - 1:10 p.m., Room 10
Moderator: Duo Security’s Vice President of Customer Success Lisa Paul
Panelists: Duo Security’s Chief Operating Officer Zack Urlocker, Integration Specialist Jamie Pringle and Virginia Tech’s Director of Secure Enterprise Tech Initiatives Mary Dunker

Join us for appetizers and drinks at Duo’s Meet and Greet reception held Tuesday, Oct. 6 from 6-7pm at Room 10. Meet the Duo team and top information security professionals making a difference in security for higher education. Please RSVP if you’re interested in attending!

The event’s sessions address emerging technology in the higher education sector. A few of the talks include:

The Future Direction of IaaS, PaaS, aPaaS, iPaaS, and Devops in Higher Education
Internet 2 speakers will discuss the architecture and operational practices and tools for infrastructure and platform services.

Mobile Authentication Threats & Issues
Speakers from JISC Services will examine how mobile devices and publisher apps may circumvent existing methods of federated access, and what technology can be used to avoid access problems.

Building a Risk Management Framework for HIPAA and FISMA Compliance
Indiana University’s Anurag Shankar will cover high-performance computing in biomedical research, as well as how to make research computing HIPAA compliant in education.

Check out the rest of the schedule here. Hope to see you there!