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Duo Hosts Security Sessions at the Internet2 Global Security Summit

Duo Security will be at the Internet2 Global Summit hosted at the Chicago Marriott Downtown from May 15-18, exhibiting security solutions to help protect higher education, as well as hosting special events and presentations on authentication in education.

Internet2 works to connect people, networks, technologies and solutions across the research and education systems. The 2016 Global Summit will feature keynote speaker Charlie Catlett speaking about the Array of Things (AOT), that is, real-time location-based data collected by sensor boxes in Chicago that can inform policy and decisions that affect the city’s environment, infrastructure and activity.

Another keynote speaker, Joseph Emerson, will explain the latest breakthrough features of quantum physics, including how researchers today are using quantum physics to enable new capabilities for computation and communication that will have a major impact on information technology.

The sessions feature a diverse number of tracks focusing on the following topics:

  • Applied Research, Scholarship and Applications
  • Cloud-Based Research, Education and Service Missions
  • Cyber Security and Trust, and Identity in Education and Research
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • Innovations in Advanced Networking and Services

Get more information about each track, including individual sessions here. Duo is also hosting and participating in a few sessions within the Cyber Security and Trust and Identity in Education and Research track, including:

Duo Security Special Interest Group
When: Monday, May 16 from 10:30-11:30AM CDT
Where: Belmont, 4th floor
Description: The session will be led by speaker Nicholas Lewis from Internet2. We’ll lead an open forum to learn more about what the current education industry is doing and how we can help them in 2016 and beyond.

MFA for Campus Services
When: Tuesday, May 17 from 12:00PM-1:00PM CDT
Where: Kane, 4th floor
Description: This session is led by speakers from the University of California and Duke University. Use of MFA (multi-factor authentication) as a defense against phishing is becoming more widely done with several schools implementing Duo Security’s two-factor authentication in the last two years. This meeting is to openly discuss experiences people have had with MFA for both web SSO (Single Sign-On) and non-web based services with the intent of identifying major issues that people should consider before embarking on an implementation project.

Duo Security Cocktail Reception
When: Tuesday, May 17 from 5:30PM-8PM
Where: Kane, 3rd floor
Description: Duo’s meet and greet offers an opportunity to bring together security experts in the field and thought leaders in higher education - open to all attendees.

InCommon Baseline Practices BoF
When: Wednesday, May 18 from 7:30AM-8:30AM PM CDT
Where: Clark, 4th floor
Description: This session will include speakers from Internet2 and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. It will cover InCommon’s new solution to replace the Participant Operating Practice documents (POPs) with a system that is easier to use, machine-readable, and satisfies a baseline set of expectations for trust across the community.

Lessons Learned from Mining Billions of Authentication and Access Events
When: Wednesday, May 18 from 1:15PM-2:30PM
Where: Lincolnshire 1 & 2, 6th floor
Description: Mike Hanley, Director of Duo Labs at Duo Security and former Senior Member of the Technical Staff at CERT/CC will present key findings from Duo’s dataset, including trends in the following topics:

  • User authentication ­
  • Trends in BYOD and their impact on the demise of hard­-token 2FA ­
  • Patterns of multi­-factor authentication usage and adoption across sectors with a focus on education
  • Adoption rates of OS/browser platform updates at major patch intervals ­
  • Analysis of sunset phone hardware used for access and authorization and the risks associated with dated handsets no longer supported with OS updates Services ­
  • How we’ve approached data warehousing and analysis to support a diverse, rapidly­ growing dataset ­

He will close with the top 10 actions IT administrators can take from this talk and apply today based on our findings.

Duo provides secure, scalable two-factor authentication and endpoint visibility solutions to secure applications and services for higher education, including the University of Michigan, Duke University and many other universities.

Learn more about how Duo supports accredited U.S.-based institutions through InCommon and Internet2’s NET+ program, and the benefits of Duo’s security solutions for educational institutions.