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duo labs

Duo Labs Great DEF CON Giveaway!

Want to go to DEF CON but don’t want to spend money you could otherwise lose gambling in Vegas? Do you want to avoid standing in an epic lineup of hackers just to get your DEF CON pass? Duo Labs wants to help you out. For the small price of some attention on Twitter, three lucky people will receive free passes from Duo Security to DEF CON 23. Winners will be responsible for their own hotel, airfare and other expenses but at least the conference will be free. We may even throw in one of our infamous Attribution 8-balls for winners and runner-ups.

Here is how the contest works:


_“SILC the shocker @duo_labs @defcon_ #protocolcelebs”

_"JSON Statham @duo_labs @defcon_ #protocolcelebs”

_“2Pac SSHakur @duo_labs @defcon_ #protocolcelebs”

Tweet your best protocol celebrities with #protocolcelebs, our content URL, and of course @duo_labs as seen above. The top three who receive the most Retweets will be selected and awarded a free pass to DEF CON. Of course we will be smart enough to make sure that all Retweets come from actual people and not Twitterbots so no cheating people. Runner-ups, or those who made us laugh the hardest may also receive additional Duo swag, including our infamous attribution 8-ball.

Winners will be selected on August 4 and will have to be given a time and place to collect your pass.

Direct questions to @duo_labs