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Raising the Bar: Duo Redefines What Is Essential for Access Management

Cyber attackers are increasingly targeting gaps in weaker multi-factor authentication (MFA) implementations. That’s why Duo is bringing protection previously available only in Duo's most advanced edition to every Duo customer.

Weaker MFA implementations are under attack

It has been an unprecedented year of cyberattacks targeting MFA. Attackers have invested significant time, energy, and focus exploiting weak MFA. We have all witnessed the thriving cybercriminal economy, with MFA attack kits equipped with support contracts and fully-staffed call centers. Over the last year, Duo has introduced 20+ security-oriented innovations such as Passwordless and Risk-Based Authentication, and improvements to Single Sign-On (SSO) - all of which directly combat these attacks.

Facing these sorts of threats, organizations need more than simply strong authentication for users. For comprehensive protection, teams must do the following:

  • Reduce their use of passwords through adoption of Single Sign-On (SSO)

  • Enforce strong authentication like Passwordless and FIDO2 authentication, as these are, by design, not phishable

  • For those who aren’t ready for Passwordless, enabling Verified Duo Push, which easily disarms push harassment and push fatigue attacks, is a good next step

  • Verify that access to your applications is available to trusted devices only – managed or unmanaged; don’t let attackers get past the login prompt

When the bad guys raise the stakes, we raise the bar to protect our customers.

Duo democratizes security and redefines access management

All Duo paid edition customers can now block access from unknown devices and only allow trusted devices to gain access to resources. In other words, even if an attacker tried to use stolen credentials for access, their dodgy device should give them away. Previously available only in our most advanced edition, we’re now offering this capability – called Trusted Endpoints - to all our paid subscribers.

Offering critical capabilities, such as strong authentication, attack-resistant MFA, Passwordless, Single Sign-On (SSO), and Trusted Endpoints all in one truly redefines what comprises essential secure access management.

Duo has long been loved by end users and IT teams alike for combining:

  • Security Efficacy – How strong the security capabilities are to prevent incidents from taking hold using authorized access. For example, our Verified Duo Push feature protects our customers against MFA-targeted attacks (e.g., MFA fatigue).

  • Productivity – How empowered users feel, how fast deployment is, and how easy solutions are to use. For example, Duo prompt users to fix device issues on their own and even enroll new authentication devices themselves rather than call the helpdesk.

  • Value – From the breadth of capabilities provided in each Duo edition to the low TCO and high ROI Duo users historically enjoy. According to a recent Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) report, Duo saved organizations an average of $3.2M in end-user time savings from streamlined authentication for a 159% ROI.

Turn the table on attackers with increased security efficacy

Preventing an attack from happening in the first place is the most effective way to build resilience. With Duo’s ability to block access from unknown devices, IT teams can effectively thwart identity-based attacks that are launched from an attacker’s device. Even better, Duo lets you set up threat detectors to automatically alert on specific attack indicators such as attempted registration of anomalous or high-risk mobile devices. This feature enables teams to stop one of an attacker’s first tactics once they have access - enrolling their own devices in your MFA solution.

Make security easy for users to access the apps they need, fast

The most secure access must be easy for users, otherwise they will try to find ways to bypass security so they can get to work fast. That’s why Duo puts user experience and enablement front and center – whether by asking for additional verification only when needed or prompting users to upgrade their OS or browser before they gain access.

Graphic that reads: Secure access management that frustrates attackers, not users.

Earn more authentication protection for your investment

Quite simply, Duo puts strong security within reach of any company. Any organization - regardless of its size, the size of its IT team, or security savviness - can significantly improve their security posture. Everyone can seamlessly adopt a trustworthy security model and be protected against the increasing challenges from a threat actors’ ability to bypass ‘good enough security’. 

New names reflect a new standard for access management

Our customers and partners will notice that we have updated our product edition names to reflect our comprehensive solution and rich feature set. Effective May 1st, Duo MFA will be called Duo Essentials, Duo Access will become Duo Advantage, and Duo Beyond will be known as Duo Premier. Despite extending more of these critical capabilities to more customers, we are happy to announce that all list pricing remains the same.

Want to learn more? Be sure to register for our webinar Block Unwanted Access with Duo Trusted Endpoints, which is happening on May 17th!

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