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2015 Duo Security Summit: Security Beyond the Perimeter
Industry Events

Duo Security Summit: Video Recaps

Duo hosted a Security Summit in San Francisco this year, welcoming infosec professionals and industry leaders to discuss new security strategies and technology. If you couldn’t join us, check out videos of the talks below!

Duo’s Viewpoint and Vision

## “The world has changed. Security has not.”

Duo CEO Dug Song and CTO Jon Oberheide discussed how to evolve security in a new world with a different tech terrain - despite deploying the same old technology, the ground beneath us is shifting and data breaches are getting worse.

Watch the video to find out three different ways we can evolve security in this new world.

Security Strategy Panel: Simplifying Security

Bringing together top information security leaders, the strategy panel covered practical and strategic changes that can be made in every organization to simplify and build a security culture.

This panel features security professionals from Palantir, Box, Microsoft and Signal Sciences. Enter your email to view the video above!

Security Technology Panel: New Tech Challenges

Focusing on security tactics and technology used by a number of leading companies, the tech panel covers how to deal with new tech challenges, including moving to the cloud and how to build an effective IT defense.

This panel features infosec professionals from Dropbox, Google, Yelp and Mobile Guroo. Enter your email to view the video above!