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Duo T-Shirts, Anyone?

Our RSA Conference 2012 tees seemed to be a hit.

We'd like to offer them up to a few more fans. Send us a video of you destroying (dismantling, blending, ...) your SecurID token and we'll hook you up. Post a comment with the YouTube link and a way to get in touch.

Fireplace video by @chriseng

The first video entry comes from Chris Eng (@chriseng), burning his RSA token in his fireplace.

Bulldozer illustration by @mikedamm

Another entry comes from Mike Damm (@mikedamm). Mike makes a good point that folks should be eligible for such an awesome shirt and not be punished if they haven't purchased a RSA token to destroy. So Mike submitted his photo-realistic rendering of what he would do if he had a RSA token to destroy:

Axe photo series by @laplinker

@laplinker tweeted a literal blow-by-blow series of pictures pitting a RSA SecurID token against an axe! Here's all the pictures arranged together:

Golf club video by @NearbySystems

@NearbySystems tees up for a T.

Thermite video by @cdzombak

Fresnel lens video by @withzombies