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For Anyone Seeking a More Cost-Effective, Time-Efficient Approach to PCI Compliance

logo_securisea_with_joshDuo Security welcomes our guest blogger, Josh Daymont. Daymont, a Principal at Securisea, is a security expert and a Payment Card Industry Qualified Security Assessor (PCI QSA).

One of the benefits of working with as many organizations as we do at Securisea is that we see a lot of different approaches to PCI DSS compliance. Every once in awhile, we come across a new idea or fresh approach that makes us sit up and take notice.

That’s how we first became aware of Duo Security. For the right type of customer, they have an approach that can dramatically reduce the overhead that typically burdens corporate PCI DSS programs. We see a great deal of value in their approach to building a cost-effective compliance program. And that’s why we’re holding a joint webinar with them next Wednesday, April 24th.

The title is Reduce PCI DSS 8.3 Compliance Costs by 90% in 30 Minutes. Yes, we’re promising a lot in that title. But innovations in two-factor authentication now deliver demonstrable compliance at a fraction of the previous cost and complexity. The trick is in knowing how to do it properly. We’ll help get you started at this event, with an in-depth exploration of what’s involved, best-practices for making it happen, common mistakes to avoid and real-world examples.

Businesses need to see PCI compliance as a critical protector for their business operations—not as an operational burden that gets in the way of getting things done. This webinar is an important first step for anyone seeking a more cost-effective, time-efficient approach to PCI compliance, especially if you are considering or have implemented two-factor authentication.

The webinar will take place on Wednesday, April 24, at 12:00PM EDT (11:00AM CDT/9:00AM PDT), and will last around 30 minutes. I’ll be one of the presenters, as will Dug Song, Duo Security’s CEO. I’ve known Dug for years and can attest to both his technical knowledge and his ability to present that insight in an accessible, business-driven context. It should be a great event.

The webinar itself is free. You can register for it here.

Please make the time to join us on the 24th. We think you’ll be pleased by what you hear, and I’m looking forward to your feedback and continuing the discussion after the event.

Josh Daymont Principal, Securisea