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Gartner IAM Summit Features Tech Journalists, Activists & the FBI

We’re gearing up for the Gartner Identity & Access Management (IAM) Summit this year from December 2-4 hosted at the Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas! We’re excited to be exhibiting at booth #425, as well as to hear some of the interesting Gartner keynotes and guest keynotes.

The Gartner IAM conference will kick off with an opening keynote Tuesday, December 2, featuring keynote speakers Gartner Managing Vice President Ray Wagner and Gartner Vice President Gregg Keizman.

In the Gartner keynote, Stop the Finger Pointing: The IAM Role Ecosystem, they discuss how striving for the perfect IAM solution is getting more difficult as a result of increasing IT complexity. Finding a viable solution that can meet most of our needs may be more ideal - this session identifies simple approaches that can deliver business value within realistic budgets and time restraints.

Covering issues from the perspectives of the IAM leader, the consultant and the vendor, this session also answers these questions:

  • Why has IAM become so complex?
  • What are the drivers of increasing complexity in IT and what are the implications for IAM?
  • How can IAM programs be refocused on simple solutions to maximise return on identity investment

One guest keynote speaker, Yahoo’s tech reviewer and host of Nova ScienceNow, David Pogue will deliver Disruptive Tech: What’s New, What’s Coming & How It Will Change on Wednesday, December 3. Discussing the latest innovations in technology, he’ll discuss and demonstrate the ones poised to cause major disruptive changes in society, from personal entertainment, cellular tech, Web 2.0 and more.

Another guest keynote will be delivered by Cory Doctorow, a science fiction novelist, blogger and technology activist. As co-editor of the weblog Boing Boing, contributor to Wired, the New York Times, The Guardian, and more, he also served as Director of European Affairs for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a civil liberties group defending freedom in tech law, policy, standards and treaties.

In The IAM Magic Quadrants and Critical Capabilities, Gartner Vice President Ant Allan and Gartner Director Felix Gaehtgens will identify trends in each of the major IAM markets, while presenting the most recent Gartner Magic Quadrants and the critical capabilities and Market Guides for IAM.

Another guest keynote features Jeremy Wiltz, Deputy Assistant Director at the FBI, as he discusses the FBI’s next generation identification (NGI) system, an endeavor to create the largest biometric database in the world. Comprised of mostly U.S. citizens, the database includes identifiers such as fingerprints, iris scans, DNA profiles, voice identification profiles, palm prints and photographs.

According to the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), an independent nonprofit research center, the NGI database will be used for law enforcement and non-law enforcement purposes. Made available to law enforcement agencies of all levels, the database will also be made available to private entities.

In September, the FBI announced completion of the project and reported on the Interstate Photo System (IPS) facial recognition service that allows for image-searching capabilities of photos. EPIC states the database will also employ iris and voice recognition capabilities.

Read about all of the keynotes at Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit Keynote Sessions.

All in all, a very interesting lineup of characters chosen to speak about IAM today. Visit us at exhibitor booth #425 to learn more our latest authentication solution announcements, including:

  • Mobile Controls - Enable even greater security for phone-as-token methods by restricting which platforms and versions are allowed to be used in your organization.
  • API Edition - A completely customizable two-factor authentication solution for developers building web or mobile apps.
  • U2F (Universal 2nd Factor) - We joined Google, Yubico and other FIDO-alliance members to provide businesses and consumers with a standardized, secure two-factor solution.

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Hope to see you there!