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Get Insights from Duo at the Inaugural O’Reilly Security Conference

Media company O’Reilly is synonymous with books, online courses and events that have helped shape great minds in technology and the internet. Their newest event offering and first foray into security, the O’Reilly Security Conference, offers a space for security professionals from a variety of organizations to share their knowledge about the science, tools & processes, and human element of the business.

Featuring keynote speakers like Cory Doctorow (Co-Editor, Boing Boing; former Director of European Affairs, Electronic Frontier Foundation) and Heather Adkins (Vice President of Security & Privacy Engineering, Google), the conference takes place October 30-November 2 in New York, NY, at the Hilton Midtown.

Duo Security is represented among the many speakers slated for the O’Reilly Security Conference agenda as Director of Security Mike Hanley delivers "Lessons Learned From Billions of Authentication Events." This sponsored session, happening Wednesday, November 2, shares key findings mined from tens of thousands of Duo services’ data points, along with a rundown of the 10 best practices for IT admins in strong authentication, platform management, and policy-based access control mechanisms.

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