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GrrCon 2013 Wrap-Up

Our team survived another fun year at GrrCon! We had an amazing time, met a lot of Duo fans, and gave out copious amounts of swag. Oh, and then there was the free beer we sponsored. By day two, creative attendees had fashioned a beer pong table out of one of the ping pong tables that were adorning the vendor area. It is a hacker con, after all. If you weren't able to come this year, we're sorry you missed out, but we'd love to share a few photos with everyone to help make the case for your attendance next year!

GrrCon 2013 photos from Duo Security

Not only did we attend, but so did two lucky winners from the contest we held! The team had a chance to say hello to them at the event and based on reactions, we think they had a great time. If you did make it to our booth, we're happy to tell you all that we've selected a winner for the 100-user, 6-month license giveaway that we held at the event. We'll be contacting the winner soon and look forward to helping kick-off their Duo experience.

Have any fond memories of your interactions with our team? Please feel free to add a comment to this post, we'd love to hear from you. Also, don't forget about our Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to share photos with us from the event. If we didn't get a chance to show you a demo at our booth or go into detail about what Duo Security does, please sign-up for a free trial and reach out if you have any questions!

Between the awesome presentations, booth chats, Hacker Feuding, and parties, we're all exhausted but looking forward to next year. If you're heading to the RSA Conference this coming February, be sure to keep an eye out for us, we'll definitely be around!