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Now Available: Secure Single Sign-On for All Duo MFA Customers

TL:DR: Secure single sign-on (SSO) is available to all Duo MFA customers at no additional cost. Try it out by logging into your Duo Admin Panel. We also made SSO easier to deploy for Office 365 and several other cloud applications.

We have seen a tremendous customer response since we launched our secure single sign-on (SSO) functionality last year. Organizations have integrated 600+ cloud applications with Duo to provide users with convenient and secure access from anywhere using any device.

Today, we are announcing the availability of SSO functionality for all Duo MFA customers at no additional cost. With SSO, end-users will be able access all their cloud applications by logging in just once. You can integrate unlimited number of cloud applications with Duo.

What Does Duo’s Secure SSO Offer?

In addition, Duo’s secure SSO extends consistent and strong authentication to all your applications, whether on-premises or in the cloud. Users have the flexibility to choose any of the available authentication methods such as Duo Push, one-time passcode (OTP), SMS, phone callback and Yubikeys.

Additionally, you have the option to set separate security policies for each cloud application. For example, you can allow users to authenticate once a week when they access a less sensitive application such as Box, but force users to log in once a day for Salesforce or Workday. For advanced security policies such as preventing access applications based on out-of-date operating systems (OS), browsers, Flash and Java, consider the Duo Access edition.

How Can I Start Using Duo’s SSO?

Duo’s secure SSO functionality is available to you immediately:

  • Log into your Duo Admin Panel and navigate to the Applications tab.
  • Click on Protect an Application and search for the cloud application you want to test/deploy with SSO.
  • For help and support setting up SSO, start from your Duo Admin Panel and navigate to Applications > SSO setup guide.

Alternatively, if you need help or support setting up, feel free to reach out to us through

Improved SSO & MFA for Office 365

We have also improved our SSO and MFA functionality for Office 365 users. Office 365 has been the fastest growing enterprise application in 2017. Users can access Office 365 from any laptop or mobile devices.

To provide secure access to Office 365 organizations, integrate with an MFA solution such as Duo. For MFA to work, users need to connect with client apps that support modern authentication, such as Outlook 2016 - learn more about modern authentication. If the user prefers an app that does not support modern authentication, such as iOS and Android mail clients, the application fails to function, making it challenging for IT admins to deploy any MFA solution in a mixed environment of devices and applications.

With our new Office 365 functionality, you can test and integrate Duo with Office 365 applications, allowing users to connect from any mobile or desktop client. Follow our documentation for integrating Duo with Office 365 to set this up in your environment.

New Native Support for Additional Cloud Applications

We are not stopping here. We want to make it easy for admins to deploy and secure any cloud application. To this end, we have added new native support for several cloud applications such as Workday, Igloo, Bugsnag, Aha, NetDocuments and HackerRank, in addition to many popular ones already supported such as O365, Salesforce, Box, Dropbox, Google, AWS, etc. To learn more about all cloud applications supported by Duo, visit Duo’s Documentation.