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Two-Factor for All: Duo Editions Designed for Every Need

Stolen credentials are the frequent culprit of data breaches, bringing into focus the inability of a password alone to protect user accounts. A few decades ago, strong passwords were a sound method of verifying identity. Today, attackers can use malware to steal your passwords, take advantage of GPUs to crack passwords in just a few hours, or social engineer a password out of an unsuspecting user.

While two-factor authentication has typically been limited to use by large businesses, it’s now more attainable than ever with Duo. Our cloud-based service eliminates the need for on-premise hardware or software installs, allowing for the ease of integrating two-factor with your existing applications in minutes, not days.

Our mission at Duo has always been to provide world-class security to everyone—without compromising usability. With that in mind, we’re officially launching two revamped editions of Duo today, while keeping our free-for-life Personal Edition available to all users.

Duo’s Business Edition is designed to provide affordable security for small and mid-sized businesses on a budget, at just $1/user/month, including:

  • Our patented, streamlined cloud deployment.
  • Support for any authentication method, from Duo Push on a mobile phone, to SMS and voice, to hardware tokens.
  • Easy integration with hundreds of applications, including Microsoft’s Outlook Web Access; Cisco, Juniper, F5, Palo Alto, and Barracuda VPNs; and SSH.
  • Terrific support via chat and email.

In addition to our Business Edition, we’re announcing Duo’s Enterprise Edition with advanced management features for larger and more sophisticated deployments, including:

  • Microsoft Active Directory (AD) synchronization allows for rapid provisioning and deprovisioning by administrators.
  • Seamless integration capabilities with support for Microsoft Active Directory Federation (ADFS) and Remote Desktop Services (RDS).
  • Groups management controls allow admins to organize and assign user access with ease.
  • Powerful login controls, including the ability to define trusted networks and devices.
  • Comprehensive API access that empowers developers to build enhanced two-factor authentication solutions that fit their organization’s unique requirements.
  • Premium support that includes 24x7 response for critical issues via phone, chat or email.

Check out our Editions and Product Tour for more information, including pricing. Also, find a list of the main platforms, applications and devices Duo integrates with in our documentation.

As always, Duo’s Personal Edition is free forever, up to 10 users. To get started with Duo Security’s two-factor authentication and sign up for a free account, visit our Trial page.

We're looking forward to releasing even more features and enhancements in 2014. Stay tuned!

Note: As of 1/1/2017, Duo no longer offers the Business Edition. Please visit our Pricing page to view our latest editions.

Note: Duo's Enterprise Edition is now known as Duo MFA. Please visit our Pricing page to view our latest editions.