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Upcoming Webinar: Preparing Your Organization for PCI 3.0 with Cloud-Based 2FA

In the three years since PCI DSS 2.0 was released, the landscape of information security has changed rapidly. Previously, cloud computing initiatives may have been "on the horizon", but are now a key part of the infrastructure powering everyone from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

With the large increase in cloud resources comes the challenge to better secure those technologies, often with constrained amounts of capability to do so. So how does your organization deal with the challenges brought by cloud computing and new complex IT infrastructures?

Changes from PCI 2.0 to 3.0

Join Mark Stanislav, Security Evangelist at Duo Security, and Josh Daymont, Principal at Securisea, as they discuss the changes from PCI DSS 2.0 to 3.0.

If your organization is trying to navigate the sometimes confusing waters that is PCI compliance, Mark and Josh will provide some insight into what you need to know for your 2015 assessments.

Further, if you've wondered how two-factor authentication can help your compliance efforts with PCI, you'll want to hear what's changed in the pivotal DSS 8.3 section that pertains directly to 2FA. Read a blog by Mark on the topic, PCI DSS 3.0 and Two-Factor Authentication to learn more.

Don't miss out on this valuable webinar that will get your organization where it needs to be for the important revisions of PCI DSS.

Join us on Wednesday, June 11, 2014 at 1PM ET | 10:00 am PT!

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Speaker Bios:
Mark Stanislav, Security Evangelist at Duo Security
Mark Stanislav, Security Evangelist at Duo Security, focuses on Linux architecture, information security and web application development for corporations and academia. He has spoken at over 70 events, including RSA, ISSA , B-Sides, GrrCon and Infragard, while his research has been featured on websites such as CSO Online, Security Ledger and Slashdot. Mark holds a Bachelor of Science in Networking & IT Administration and a Master of Science in Technology Studies from Eastern Michigan University.

Josh Daymont, Principal, Securisea
Joshua Daymont, Principal at Securisea, is a security expert and PCI QSA. His industry leadership includes discovering two significant vulnerabilities that led to import CERT advisories during the late 90’s. Josh has spoken at Black Hat Briefings, OWASP, ISSA and more, and has been quoted by media outlets including Information Security Magazine, CNBC and Bloomberg TV. He holds a Masters in Management of Information Technology from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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