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Why Customers Choose Duo

Lately we've been asking for feedback from our customers. Here are some of the things they've been saying they like about us.

1. Authentication for everyone Some companies focus on hardware tokens, forcing users to carry extra devices around with them. Others only provide phone-based solutions that rely on cell service, making it impossible to log in from hospitals, dead zones, and when travelling internationally.

We know that you have a wide range of users, all with different devices and needs. That's why we support authentication from all types of phones — both with and without cell service — and also sell and support hardware tokens.

2. Integrates with everything Use the same system to protect remote access VPN logins, internal web applications, and remote access to servers.

Duo only charges per user, not per integration, so there's no reason not to secure logins across your organization.

3. Rapid deployment Deploying Duo Security is fast and easy because there's no hardware to install or tokens to distribute. It takes a few minutes to set up Duo with your VPN (upload the package and change some configuration settings), servers (./install Duo Unix), or web application (use the two-function API). Then let your users enroll themselves — no collecting phone numbers, manually importing users, or managing hardware inventory.

It's also easy to deploy two-factor authentication for a subset of users, so you can test on a small scale before launching to the entire organization.

4. Inline authentication Duo cares about user experience. Putting extra steps into the login process is never pretty, so Duo reduces the friction by adding the second prompt inline. This creates a fully-branded, consistent experience for your users. Duo goes the extra mile by providing live-updating feedback during the login process:

Duo doesn't surprise or confuse your users, and our customers love us for that.

5. Duo Push Everyone loves Duo Push!

Seeing login details and authenticating with one tap is the fastest and most frictionless way to log in, and is supported on iPhone and Android phones for all accounts. Duo Push is also our most secure authentication method — the use of asymmetric key cryptography means that login requests are unspoofable even in the event of an RSA-style breach.

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