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Attacks on Exchange Servers Spread

Attacks on the Exchange server flaws disclosed last week are being exploited by multiple threat actors and targeting a wide range of companies.


Exchange Attacks Hitting Broad Range of Organizations

Attackers are using the four Microsoft Exchange zero days to target organizations from SMBs to government agencies and banks.


Hafnium Attack Group Exploiting Four Exchange Zero Days

A Chinese attack group called Hafnium has exploited for zero days in Microsoft Exchange to steal data from inboxes and take control of compromised servers.

Microsoft, China

SolarWinds Attackers Downloaded Some Microsoft Source Code Components

Microsoft said the SolarWinds hackers were able to view and download some source code components for Azure, Exchange, and Intune.

Solarwinds, Microsoft

Web Shell Attacks Spike

The volume of attacks using web shells as a persistence mechanism has nearly doubled in recent months, Microsoft said.