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Microsoft Fixes Six Zero Days Used in Attacks

Microsoft's June Patch Tuesday includes fixes for six vulnerabilities that have been used in attacks in the wild.

Microsoft, Patch Tuesday

Microsoft Fixes Publicly Known Flaws in Security Update

Overall, Microsoft patched 55 flaws, including four critical-severity remote code execution bugs.

Microsoft, Patch Tuesday

BadAlloc Memory Flaws Found in Dozens of IoT, Embedded Devices

More than 25 memory allocation flaws have been discovered in real time operating systems from Google, Amazon, and many other vendors that are used in IoT devices.

ICS Security, Microsoft

Prometei Botnet Tracks Down Vulnerable Exchange Servers

Yet another cryptocurrency mining malware family is attempting to compromise the Microsoft Exchange ProxyLogon flaws.

Malware, Microsoft, Cryptocurrency Malware, Botnet

FBI Uses Warrant to Remove Webshells From Compromised Exchange Servers

The FBI issued remote commands to compromised Exchange servers to remove webshells with the authority of a court order.

Government, Microsoft