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Colonial Pipeline CEO Says Ransom Payment ‘Right Thing to Do’ For Country

The shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline and the payment of the ransom to restore the company's network was the right thing to do to recover from the DarkSide ransomware attack, the company's CEO said.

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U.S. Seizes $2.3 Million From DarkSide Actors Who Targeted Colonial Pipeline

The Department of Justice seized $2.3 million in Bitcoin that was part of the ransom that Colonial Pipeline paid to DarkSide ransomware actors in May.

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DarkSide Affiliates Looking to Get Paid in Full

The shutdown of the DarkSide ransomware group has affiliates seeking resolution for unpaid ransom fees.


Phorpiex and the Versatility of Botnets

Decade-old botnets continue to adapt to the current threat landscape, as seen through the wide-ranging malicious activities of the resilient Phorpiex botnet.

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Q&A: Kimberly Goody

Kimberly Goody of the FireEye cyber crime analysis team explains the ransomware-as-a-service model and the recent changes some groups have made to their operations.