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U.S. Warns of Continued Threat from Conti Ransomware

A joint advisory from the FBI, CISA, and NSA warns that the Conti ransomware operation is still a threat to enterprises, despite some takedowns of its infrastructure.


REvil Ransomware Group Reemerges

The REvil ransomware group has come back online after disappearing following the attack on Kaseya in July.


Vice Society Ransomware Actors Target PrintNightmare

A newer ransomware group known as Vice Society is targeting the PrintNightmare vulnerabilities in some of its intrusions now.

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New TA505 Campaign Uses Signed Files to Drop ServHelper Malware

TA505, a well-known cybercrime group, is using signed MSI files and other techniques to install the ServHelper RAT on victims' systems.

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Whole of Government Effort, Collaboration Needed to Disrupt Ransomware

A whole of government approach, along with collaboration from the private sector, is key to disrupting the ransomware ecosystem.

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