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Cisco Duo + Google

Cisco Duo and Google work together to protect organizations across all industries, integrating Duo’s leading access and identity security across Google Cloud, Workspace, Chrome, and ChromeOS. From risk-based authentication to granular device policies, easily enable secure access to the cloud and build towards zero trust without compromising user experience.

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Cloud-first security

Duo and Google integrations make it simple for customers to secure their cloud environments and keep attackers out.

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Enable access

Reduce password fatigue and security risks while offering your IT teams centralized management and risk-based authentication.

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Verify devices

Secure hybrid environments and verify devices accessing Google resources, simplifying management, and enforcing compliance.

Cisco Duo is Chrome Enterprise Recommended

Duo is evaluated and optimized to work with ChromeOS and Chrome Enterprise – ensuring compatibility, quality, and security. Save time, show value, and reduce risk with a solution verified by Google.

Realize your cloud-first strategy

Safeguard your hybrid organization with agile cloud-to-cloud and agentless delivery of stronger access and identity security.

Security that puts user experience first

Empower users with security that don’t get in the way of productivity, and support admins with visibility and easy-to-use granular controls.

Maximize the value of your investments

Duo and Chrome Enterprise work better together— speed up deployment times and minimize potential downtime risks.

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Duo natively integrates to protect the following:

Partnership with Google

Cisco Duo is a Chrome Enterprise Recommended solution. This program was created to help enterprises find technologies that make working on the web and in the cloud even better. From optimizing with ChromeOS to integrating with Chrome browser, enterprises can count on Chrome Enterprise Recommended partner solutions to support their workforces, wherever they work.

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Enable access

Multiple passwords for numerous applications or resources in Google Cloud or Google Workspace can widen the attack surface and pose risks such as password reuse, weak passwords, and additional burden on IT and security teams. Duo Single Sign-On (SSO) protects a growing list of Google Workspace apps out-of-the-box, cutting through the complexity and enabling user access with a single login, reducing password fatigue and security threats.

Streamline the login experience

Empower secure, streamlined productivity with single sign-on for your cloud-based workspace. Simplify user experience without compromising on security with passwordless.

Leverage the smartest security

Risk-based authentication automatically detects and mitigates commonly known attack patterns and high-risk anomalies, stepping up Verified Push Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) when needed.

Complete visibility with Duo admin panel

Manage user authentications centrally with the admin dashboard’s policy-setting, reporting, and auditing tools.

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Compatible Google integrations with Duo include:

Verify devices

Organizations with mixed device environments need a solution to securely access Google Cloud and Workspace resources from untrusted, external devices. Duo protects your organization by enforcing stronger device hygiene and confirming any device is known or verified before granting access to corporate resources.

Duo Device Trust Connector

Go agent-free and get unique visibility into login attempts taking place outside the control of an organization through Duo’s partnership with Google Chrome for Mac, Windows, and ChromeOS.

Ensure device security meets compliance

Restrict access only to devices that meet security requirements. Users can self-remediate out-of-date devices without the need to open a ticket with IT.

More visibility, more control for admins

Manage devices and identify potential risks from a consolidated admin dashboard, making audit and compliance reporting easier.

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Compatible Google integrations with Duo include:

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