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Strong Application Access Controls

With advanced application access policies, you can ensure only the most up-to-date and healthy devices can access your applications.

Protect Every Application

By limiting access to applications, you can reduce your attack surface and exposure to vulnerabilities.

Ensure only trusted users and trusted devices can access your applications, no matter where they’re hosted - both on-premises and in the cloud - by defining and enforcing rules on who can access what applications.

Define Access Policies Per Application

By creating a custom policy and assigning it to specific applications, you can restrict access based on user location, network type and device type.

For example, you can deny access to your Microsoft RDP Server from any user located in countries you don’t do business in. Or, deny access from anonymous networks and rooted devices.

You can also associate certain user groups with a specific integration, allowing you to restrict access to certain applications based on their permission level. For example, only allow your engineering team to access your code repository via SSH, or only allow your sales team to access Salesforce.

Limit Software Access to Applications

We make it easy for you to block specific software running on your users’ devices from accessing your applications. Restrict access and require the latest versions of operating systems, browsers or plugins on a per-application level.

This is useful when administrators need to set the highest security thresholds for high-risk, critical applications, or where they want to limit the support of certain software platforms for security reasons, or to improve end-user experience.

For example, you might want to encourage employees to use new and up-to-date browsers like Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome in your organization. You can set a policy to block access to your VPN from older browsers like Internet Explorer, but still allow access from other browsers platforms.

Simple, Secure Cloud Access

Give your users faster, secure access to their cloud applications and allow them to log into a single web portal with Duo’s single sign-on (SSO) that checks the security health of their devices every time they access your applications.

Duo’s SSO is available with Duo Access Gateway (DAG). DAG allows you to easily protect enterprise cloud apps like Google Apps, Amazon Web Services, Box, Salesforce and Microsoft Office 365.

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Five Steps to Perimeter-Less Security: Adopting a Zero-Trust Model for Secure Application Access

In this ebook, we'll take you through five steps to help you move beyond perimeter security and grant access to applications based on user identity and the trustworthiness of devices.

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