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Auth Method Controls

Customize Your User’s Login Methods

Give Them Options

In addition to setting an authentication methods policy, you can customize your users’ authentication method experience through Duo Security’s administrative interface.

Convenient One-Tap Authentication

Users can quickly approve an authentication request by pressing a single button on their smartphones - Duo’s mobile app provides secure, out-of-band authentication. Learn More

SMS Passcodes

You can also customize messages sent with SMS passcodes, set the number of codes sent per batch, expiration time, and more. Learn More

Phone Callbacks

Configure the custom caller ID so users know what phone number to expect when they receive an authentication request. Learn More

USB Devices or Tokens

Duo Security supports standalone, one-time password hardware devices for two-factor authentication; choose from either USB devices or tokens. Learn More

Lockout and Fraud

Prevent brute-force attacks and limit the number of failed authentication attempts allowed before a user is locked out. Plus, customize who receives an email alert after a lockout is triggered. Learn More

What Our Customers Say

  • “Using Duo Security makes it easier for the end user to use; it eliminated the need for key fobs. Staff is able to use more than one method to confirm their identity.”

    — Wanda Bidwell, IT Manager, Oswego County Opportunities
  • “Users around the world like the various methods that are available to log on, especially liking the app. The fact that Duo works both offline and online is great. It was set up in the shortest amount of time.”

    — Anonymous, IT Architect, Medium Enterprise Transportation Services Company