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Enrollment Policy

Control Who Uses 2FA

Secure Privileged Accounts

With Duo’s enrollment policy feature, you can choose which authentication methods different users and groups should use to access your applications.

Policy By Privileges

  • Set a policy that requires IT administrators with more privileges can only access your networks with the most secure method, Duo Push
  • Or, allow employee groups with fewer privileges, like Sales, to use a greater variety of authentication methods
  • Limit the access privileges for remote employees like contractors and traveling executives to only the applications necessary for their job

Policy for New Users or User Groups

  • Require that new users are prompted to enroll for two-factor authentication
  • Restrict the types of authentication methods they use during enrollment
  • Or give them access without two factor
  • Or, deny access if they aren’t enrolled yet

Quickly and easily customize the authentication experience for your users with Duo’s options for group policies.