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Verify Device Health in Real Time

Ensure laptops and desktops are in a healthy state. Duo Desktop verifies the health and security of your endpoint devices at every authentication before granting access to the Duo-protected applications and resources your workforce needs.

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A system dashboard showing that the OS is up-to-date, the system password is set and FileVault and firewall are enabled and secure.
Two dashboard windows showing security set for plugins and browsers.

Lower Your Security Risk

Cybercriminals look to exploit vulnerabilities, from outdated endpoint software to the lack of a system password. A lightweight client application for macOS, Windows, and Linux, Duo Desktop helps lower your risk of being a target by ensuring devices accessing network applications, whether in the cloud or on-premises, are in a healthy and trusted state. It’s part of a strong zero trust strategy.

Customize Device-based Access

Create custom policies to ensure compliance with your organization’s access requirements for company-issued and personal devices. You can combine your Duo Health policy with other device policies and extend health checks to include browsers and plug-ins.

Protect Your Endpoints

Duo Desktop’s antivirus and anti-malware agent checks verify that endpoints have a supported security solution in place before accessing an application. Duo works with many leading endpoint detection and response solutions including Cisco Secure Endpoint. With the added functionality of automatic registration, you can be confident the data coming from Duo Desktop is legitimate and cannot be spoofed.

Unburden IT and Security Teams

Help your users bring their outdated devices back into compliance with your access policy. Duo provides guided self-remediation with step-by-step instructions so your end users can bring devices that fail a health check back into compliance without contacting your IT team.

An example of a macOS update window

A successful access management check by Duo MFA as the user is trying to access data using a mobile device.

Secure Sensitive Applications

Duo Device Health policies work in tandem with Duo Trusted Endpoints to ensure only known devices can access your Duo-protected applications. At authentication, Duo Desktop collects unique device identifiers and compares them against identifiers from managed and registered endpoints in your trusted inventory. If a match is found, access is granted. If no match is found, the endpoint is unmanaged and unregistered, and access is blocked.

Achieve Compliance Goals

Demonstrating compliance with industry-specific regulations – including device health-related controls such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, or your organization’s access security policy – is challenging. Duo helps you meet your compliance goals with visibility into the health and security posture of each endpoint.