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Duo Security is now a part of Cisco

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Endpoint Visibility

When paired with strong identity verification, Duo allows you to check that your users' devices meet your security standards before granting them access; safeguarding against vulnerable or potentially compromised endpoints.

Assess Overall Device Security Hygiene

With Duo’s Unified Endpoint Visibility, you can see, track and report on all end user devices from a single dashboard. Duo's user and device reports give admins actionable data on user behavior and risky devices, while deployment and authentication reports let you track admin progress. Our detailed user, admin and telephony logs let you search or easily integrate with SIEM systems.

Monitor and Identify Risky Devices

With Duo’s actionable data on platforms, systems and security status, you can easily refine searches to find vulnerable endpoints. Notify, warn and/or block users from accessing your applications until they update their devices with Duo’s Self-Remediation and Endpoint Remediation. Duo also flags devices as tampered, indicating devices that have been rooted, jailbroken or have failed SafetyNet checks.

Identify Corporate vs. Personal Devices

Get a breakdown of corporate-managed and personal devices accessing your applications, and enforce policies based on device type. Duo's Trusted Endpoints lets you issue device certificates that are checked at login for greater insight into and control over your BYOD environment, while limiting access by any personal devices that don’t meet your security requirements.

“Because we are BYOD, I can’t control that device, but I can have insight into versions, apps, etc., which is very important for us.”

— Eric Kluthe, IT Infrastructure and Security Operations Engineer, Clarity Insights

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