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User and Device Reports

Monitor Security Health of All Devices

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As new vulnerabilities are discovered, there are always more software updates, making it increasingly difficult for IT teams to understand their organization's overall security posture.

With Unified Endpoint Visibility, Duo analyzes what’s running on all of your users’ devices, including all unmanaged PCs, Macs and mobile devices. Using this data, Duo provides an actionable security health report for IT admins, showing:

  • An analysis of your users’ devices, including current device OS, browsers, Flash and Java versions
  • Security health trends of all devices accessing your business applications, including which devices are outdated or updated by end users
  • The latest security events that may result in outdated devices, including a new browser or plugin update released by a software vendor

All without the use of an agent, and exportable into PDF.

With these reports, admins can take action and notify users to update devices with Self-Remediation, or block outdated devices with Endpoint Remediation.

Deployment Progress Report

Run reports on the Success and Deployment metrics of your Duo environment. The Deployment Progress report gives you information on the state of your Duo enrollment across your organization.

Successful Authentication Report

The Successful Authentication report provides information about the success rate of authentications, authentication activity over a period of time, authentication methods and top applications.

Policy Impact report

Get a clear, concise and holistic view of your administrative policies and how they impact your users.