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An Intuitive Administrator Interface

Duo is as easy to manage as it is to use. The user-friendly administrator dashboard helps you keep your finger on the pulse of access security at your company and lets you control security policies with ease.

Image of a duo administrator panel

Control Groups and Users

Manage your growing user base with Duo’s Admin Panel:

  • Manage user accounts and devices

  • Generate temporary two-factor bypass codes

  • Add phones and hardware tokens to users

  • Set your users’ status, from ‘Active’ to ‘Disabled’

  • Assign certain users to specific groups

Save yourself time by enabling our self-service portal for your users on a per-integration basis and let them manage their own devices, activate Duo Mobile, remove existing devices and more.

Duo dashboard image of what administrators see when bulk enrolling users onto Duo platform

Easy, Quick User Provisioning

Enroll new users using any one of our different options:

  • Provision Thousands of Users - With Active Directory sync, you can quickly and accurately provision large, enterprise-level deployments and sync groups, usernames, email addresses and phone numbers.

  • Easy Bulk User Import - Upload a CSV file or use the Admin API for bulk user import enrollment, and configure Duo to send a ‘Welcome’ message and activation links via email or SMS.

  • Intuitive Self-Enrollment - New users will be prompted to set up an authentication device after completing primary authentication. Duo lets you customize and automate self-enrollment emails containing a unique enrollment link for low-touch provisioning.

Accommodate Every Use Case

Use Duo to meet your security needs, no matter how unique.

Authentication Controls

Choose from a number of two-factor authentication methods for your users to use to log into your company applications, including Duo Push, U2F, USB devices, security keys, phone callback and more.

Adaptive Access Policies

Give each user just the right amount of access with granular, customizable security controls. Easily set, change, and monitor your policies from your administrator dashboard.

Admin APIs

Using our Admin APIs, advanced administrators can integrate and use Duo’s solution in an automated and scalable manner.

Administrators can create, change, or delete users, phones, tokens, administrators and integrations. Admin APIs also allow customers to interact with Duo’s security logs for customized reporting and analytics purposes.

Duo Push for Help Desk

Duo Help Desk Push enables admins and help desk staff to verify end user identities with Duo Push. Before making changes at the request of an end user, Duo Help Desk Push helps you validate that the user is who they say they are.

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